Commonly Asked Questions

Softer. Safer. Save. TM

Feminine Pads for the 21st Century. Modern and convenient, naturally.


WillowPads offer superior softness with an amazingly absorbent hemp core, giving you the comfort and protection you desire. This unique hemp core allows WillowPads to be more absorbent and thinner than other feminine pads. With this technology, WillowPads can be easily customized to fit your needs. From a pantiliner to a maxi, WillowPads has you covered.


WillowPads are made with only Certified Organic cotton and hemp, created without using pesticides or harsh chemicals. You may find that your flow reduces over time when using our cloth pads–a natural side-effect for some people when they reduce chemical exposure.

WillowPads are softer and more comfortable, perfect for sensitive skin. WillowPads contain no plastic and are completely breathable, eliminating odors and irritation.


Disposables are expensive. Using WillowPads saves an average of $500 or more, and WillowPads last up to six years!

How Do WillowPads Differ From Other Reusables?

There are so many differences!

First, Your Health! WillowPads are made from natural, organic  fibers, not synthetic or bleached fabrics. Natural fabrics breathe, which is important. And, unlike other reusables, WillowPads don’t contain any extra chemicals, unsafe dyes, fragrances or plastics. Natural is healthier! Remember: Your health always comes first with Willow!

Second, WillowPads are made from organic cotton flannel that is plusher than other brands for maximum softness and comfort. In fact, the fabric is custom made for Willow! Exclusive softness, exclusive quality.

Third, WillowPads have a unique hemp inner core. Hemp is naturally antimicrobial so it is healthier for you, and it is a super-absorbent, natural fiber. That enhanced absorbency allows WillowPads to be slimmer than other reusables. Slimmer means less bulk. Who wants bulk?

Fourth, we’re proud to say that WillowPads are made from American cotton, milled in America, and sewn by work-at-home American moms at fair wages. We’re proud to be  a mom-owned, American company! It’s who we are. It’s what we stand for.

Are WillowPads Safe?

Doctors have long recommended using natural fabrics, not plastics or artificial materials. Natural fibers breathe, which is far healthier, and we use no dyes or fragrances to irritate sensitive skin. We’re natural!

How Long Do WillowPads Last?

We use only the highest quality materials so that they can stay soft for years. With proper care, most WillowPads can be used for six years, sometimes longer. You get quality with WillowPads, quality that lasts.

Can I Wear Them Overnight?

Absolutely! Most women prefer to wear our Long WillowPads with up to two inserts. Remember: Hemp makes WillowPads slimmer, yet more absorbent. You can easily wear two inserts without feeling the bulk of other reusables.

What Size WillowPads Do I Need?

WillowPads come in two sizes: Regular and Long. Regular measures nine inches in length, and is recommended for daytime use for average-sized women.

Long measures eleven inches in length and is recommended for overnight coverage, taller, or plus-sized women, as well as postpartum.

Relax! WillowPads are customizable to fit your individual needs. Simply add an insert or two. This flexibility saves you money! From panty liner to maxi, we have you covered.

How Many WillowPads Do I Need?

Ideally, you should you should have 8-12 Regular Pads, and 3 Long Pads for overnight, and an extra set of inserts for heavier flow days. Tall women often prefer Long Pads. With a mixture of Regular Pads, Long Pads and Inserts, you can customize to meet your individual needs!

Do WillowPads Leak?

Doctors advise all women to check and change their pads every few hours, no matter what type or brand of pad you use. We recommend that you change your WillowPad every 4-6 hours. Each woman varies, so it is advisable to be aware of your cycle and individual flow needs. Frequent changing is always the freshest option and eliminates leaks.

WillowPads are extremely absorbent and leak-resistant. Our unique hemp inserts absorb twice as much as standard cotton inserts, and offer better protection, with less bulk.

When I Need To Change my WillowPad, Do I Change Just The insert?

Doctors believe in good hygiene, and so do we. WillowPads maximize health benefits, so we don’t believe in reusing pad parts. Please change the whole pad, shell and insert to maintain proper freshness.

Do I Really Save Money With WillowPads?

Yes! Let’s do the math: WillowPads cost an average of $120 per year to cover your entire cycle, and last up to 6 years.

Disposables cost an average of $120 per year, or $720 for 6 years.

Over the average lifespan of your WillowPads, you save $600! In addition, you help save the planet by reducing landfill waste, and save a lot of extra time making last minute trips to the grocery store!

For comparison, WillowPads are less expensive than other reusable pads. That’s why our motto is Softer, Safer, Save!

Can I Use WillowPads After I Have A Baby?

As our customers will attest, WillowPads are perfect for postpartum flow! Begin by using WillowPads Long with two inserts. On the first few days, you will probably want to change your WillowPads more frequently, perhaps every 2-3 hours, as flow is heaviest during that time. As the flow tapers, simply adjust the number of inserts and change when needed.

WillowPads work well for tender skin after birth. Place a water-soaked WillowPad in the freezer and—voila! You have an easy, reusable ice pack that continues to save you money with its flexibility!

Can My Teenager Use WillowPads?

Of course! WillowPads work well for any woman. Try our New to Cloth Kit to begin learning which WillowPads combination works best for her flow.

Can I use WillowPads For Mild (Stress) incontinence?

Yes! Every woman deserves maximum softness and absorbency. Choose Regular or Long  and add an insert or two to match your individual needs.