Wearing Willow Pads


WillowPads are available in two sizes:

WillowPad sizing

Either size WillowPad can be customized from a pantiliner to a maxi by simply adding up to two inserts. All WillowPads come with one insert each.


How to Wear WillowPads:

WillowPads’ outer shell may be all you need for lighter days. For medium and heavy flow, add the number of inserts to match your flow needs.

Willow Pad flow chart

Snap the pad around panties with the pocket side hidden.

Change the pad and insert as needed, depending on flow.

For washing ease, moisten the soiled pad with cold water and wash within 2-3 days. Place in storage bag or container until washing.

We recommend that pads (shell and insert) be changed approximately every 4-6 hours. Lighter flow may permit longer wear.

If you are worried about leaks, add an additional insert. Frequent changing is always the freshest option.

How Do I Fold WillowPads?

For convenient traveling or storage of soiled pads, fold your pads with the soiled side in as shown below, and snap the edges inside. Make sure to unsnap for washing.

Folding WillowPads

How do I Wash WillowPads?

That’s easy! WillowPads are made of the highest quality natural fabrics to be very durable, yet easy to wash.

To remove stains, just rinse with peroxide or cold water. Then, wash with like-colored clothing, and tumble dry. No fabric softener or bleach. They can be ironed, but it’s not necessary.

WillowPads’ organic fabric contains natural oils that rinse away with repeated washing, becoming more absorbent over time. WillowPads will reach peak absorbency within 2-3 washings. You may initially note some shrinkage with natural fibers, but that is expected, and does not affect the product.

How Do I Store WillowPads?

WillowPads are easy to store. Simply place the soiled pads into a washable container (plastic or stainless steel works well), and either soak or leave dry until washing. Presoaking the pads in water or peroxide will reduce stains.

WillowPads are very portable, just slip a clean one in a WillowPads Anywhere Bag, and you are set. When soiled, fold them as described in our How to Wear section, and return the pad to the Anywhere bag. Once home, place the soiled pad into a washable container (plastic works well) and either soak or leave dry until washing.

What Do I Do When I Am Not Home?

WillowPads are perfect for the active lifestyle. Just place your clean, folded WillowPads into a WillowPads Anywhere Bag and you’re ready to go! Once soiled, return it to its handy Anywhere bag and swap.

Do WillowPads Stain?

All natural fabrics will stain to some extent. Rinsing WillowPads in cold water or peroxide will reduce staining significantly, frequently eliminating it.

Do WillowPads Have Odors?

That’s another WillowPads Difference: WillowPads are made of breathable, natural fabrics, and absorb moisture and odors easily. In contrast, disposables trap wetness in the gels and concentrate them.

Can Other People See My WillowPads When I Am Wearing Them?

No! Yet another WillowPads Difference: WillowPads’ discreetness.  The super-absorbent hemp allows WillowPads to be slimmer, and more discreet. No one will notice you are wearing anything.

How Absorbent Are WillowPads?

Each WillowPad (shell and one insert) can hold up to two ounces of moisture, twice the absorbency of cotton pads, and similar to many disposables.