Make a difference… One diaper at a time

Sprout Change is unlike any other diaper on the market. It is a truly innovative, patent-pending, reversible one-size diaper system. Our system is the easiest, most convenient reusable diaper available that also happens to give you the best fit and ultra-trim absorbency, its premium without the price, and made in the USA. We didn’t compromise, so you don’t have to.

Sprout Change Shells-MULT


Sprout Change is…
-One-size, Custom fit
-Fits your lifestyle and your budget


Sprout Change combines all the great things about cloth diapers into one!

Types of Diapers

The Details

After years of research, and cloth diapering her children, Catherine Bolden, founder of The Willow Store began with a mission. Dedicated to promoting a more reusable future, she created natural, common sense products that were easy to use, and complimented a more natural lifestyle. In 2005, WillowSprouts was born, and offered organic hemp diapering products to the cloth diapering world. Catherine spent years trying different cloth diapers to find the perfect fit for her son, who has special needs. Each diaper worked well for some things, but nothing gave the perfect combination of fit, absorbency and ease of use, so she created Sprout Change.

Sprout Change came from this need for a better diaper. There’s plenty of cloth diapers out there, and they all pretty much work. Sprout Change is a compilation of all the great things cloth diapers can be. Our system is a hybrid unlike any other that combines pocket diapers, prefolds and all-in-ones to make the least confusing, most economical diaper available…. That anyone can afford.

One-size, Custom fit

Fits 5-40+ lbs
Get the right fit, fast
Patent pending, easy size adjustments


Innovative snap positions, anyone can figure out (daycare friendly!)
No more guessing
Breathable Shell keeps baby rash free
Unbeatable leakproof protection
Seamless gussets for mess-free cleanups

Affordable: Fits your lifestyle and your budget

Fewer Shells means less cost for you, without compromising on quality
Unique Reversible Shell has two colors in one
Prefer side closing or front closing diapers (like disposables)? You get both!
Soft fabrics touch baby, not plastic*
Double layers of PUL make our diapers last years!
*double waterproof layers of poly urethane laminate are hidden