Trainer-How To Use

Sprout Change One-size trainers are very easy to use. Simply adjust the trainer (see below) to the correct size for your child, and when it’s time to go, the child can easily pull on and off as needed. If there’s an accident, simply open up one or both sides of the snaps on the trainer, and you can change just like a diaper.Sprout Change Trainers

With Sprout Change Trainers, your child will feel the wetness when they go, which helps to encourage potty training. Children using cloth typically learn how to use the potty consistently approximately 6 months earlier than the same child in disposables.

Customizing Sprout Change One-size Training Pants
When you first get your Sprout Change, you will need to Customize the Shell to your child’s size. Size adjustment is easy. With new easy access pockets on both wings of the Trainer, you get the right fit, fast. No more guessing! You can size a brand-new trainer, while your child is wearing it in seconds … and get it right the first time!


For A Perfect Fit

 1…LocateSprout Trainer 1

Find the snaps on the wings. To get the best
fit, do the adjustment while child is wearing the trainer



Sprout Trainer 2


Unsnap the small pocket on one of the wings. Pull out the button and elastic ends.







Unhook the waist elastic. Pull the elastic until gently snug around child. Button it on the new setting. Repeat for the 2nd button on that side to adjust the leg size. Then go to the other wing and adjust only the leg setting (you’ve already done the waist).

That’s it!